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How to Run a Great Hotel: Everything you need to achieve excellence in the hotel industry


This book is based on the premise that being good is just not good enough in today’s competitive environment. For hotel owners and managers who want to achieve lasting business success through a root and branch review of key processes, How To Run a Great Hotel is a ‘must read’. It will serve as a personal business consultant for the hotel professional, probing and testing their thinking across four critical themes which are proven to drive excellence. The content focuses less on day-to-day operations and more on big-picture concerns such as strategy development, enhancing leadership skills, engaging employees, and attaining customer focus, all of which are central to building a great hotel. Without clear direction in these important areas to guide activities, ongoing daily effort can be counterproductive. It’s easy for hoteliers to lose sight of their goals when engulfed by operational demands, they are often forced to just do rather than think about what they are doing. This book provides the reader with an opportunity to step back and take a fresh look at their hotel, no matter where it currently lies in its life cycle. The purpose of the book is to get them to question what it is they are doing, why they are doing it and to offer guidance on how they can make it even better. The book is easy to read, practical, and action-oriented. It will help the reader to define clear plans with measurable goals for improved personal and business performance.


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