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Story Of Legend

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Story Of Legend

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Introducing the “Hotel Bank Count Log” – a must-have addition to your collection of books about hotels and hotel management. Dive into the details of hotel operations and revenue management with this comprehensive guide. This book offers invaluable insights into optimizing revenue streams and enhancing guest experiences.

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Hotel Revenue Bible

One Sale March 1st, 2024

$39.99 - 59.99

The greatest Hotel book that ever existed will be available on March 1st 2024, Bruce Jordan the Michael Jordan of Hotels has assembled the greatest hotel team that’s ever played the game. The starting lineup of this all-star team includes Calvin Tilokee, Craig Carbonniere Jr, Deborah Gardner, Doug Kennedy, and Halee Whiting. With this dream team, we guarantee that your revenues will increase by $20,000.00 or Bruce Jordan will come work for your hotel personally. Get your special discount of 30% with promo code GET30. Order your exclusive signed discounted copy today while supplies last.

Hotel Revenue

Bruce Jordan

The Michael Jordan of Hotels

What People Says

I have been following David Lund for some time, and this is a welcomed publication. David Lund has long made a case for financial literacy and the knowledge gap for some leaders, and his book is incredibly helpful whether a novice or tenured professional. I highly recommend the read as a method to validate your financial knowledge or as a reference.


Jean-Philippe R. Rollet

The Prosperous Hotelier

Sarah does a remarkable job giving over 18+ years of hospitality insights and advice to her readers. I really enjoyed the book and appreciate her expertise in the field. I highly recommend this book to not just people in typical hospitality businesses but anyone. I firmly believe every business is in the hospital busines


Pearl Landesman

Hospitality From Within

Great book with a lot of wisdom about work and life, as well as many practical tools and lead and grow a great team and company.




Heng-Chuan Cheng

Excellence Wins

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