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The Hotel and Resort Marketing Bible


It’s Mid-October…
I have already spent over five months this year in hotels, and I have another month to go. In the last few years, those hotel and resort stays have included properties in the United States, Canada, Scotland, England, France, Wales, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Italy, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Morocco, South Africa, Panama, and Dubai. While I often get to enjoy these as a VIP guest as a consultant or in my role as publisher of the World’s Best Golf Destinations, the vast majority are as an unheralded paying guest.


Add this vast first-hand travel experience to the over twenty years my company Legendary Marketing has been a world leader in golf, resort, and destination marketing, and I could easily claim to have more experience than all but a handful on the planet. That’s before I mention that we managed several properties ranging from a thirty-eight-room hotel to a 168-room resort!
While I pick up new and innovative hotel marketing ideas all over the world, the vast majority of hotel marketing that I see from the individual entrepreneur with a handful of rooms to the multinational chains and mega-resorts is poor and ineffective. They get caught up in style over substance, branding rather than results and mediocre multichannel marketing without actually acing a single one!
A simple change in marketing strategy can have a major impact on your income. In recent years we have produced million-dollar turnarounds at two major resorts we worked with, based on marketing strategy alone. We have saved several family-owned resorts from certain death and helped countless small independent hotels all over the world by showing them simple ways to increase their reach on a tiny budget.
It’s exciting stuff so open up and let’s get started…


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