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The Book Direct Workbook


Back in February 2022, the Book Direct Playbook hit the shelves. Within days/weeks, it was a number-one bestseller and it has remained in the top 20% of book sales worldwide ever since. Why? Because it teaches hospitality business owners how to play the marketing game so that direct bookings become their primary source of income. It takes all the hospitality Davids and gives them the knowledge, tools, and skills to stand on their own alongside the Goliath-like OTAs of the industry. It is changing the industry. The Playbook is full of tips, tasks, and activities. It is a practical guide. This workbook is the companion to the Playbook so that as you work through all the lessons, you can document them in one space. There will be no loose scraps of paper or errant files spread around your desktop. It all happens right here. Where the Playbook is your coach, this Workbook is your training ground. This is where you do the work. It’s time to get stuck in.


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