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Show Up: The Five Steps To Getting Out Of Your Own Way


Don’t sweat the small stuff. OBSESS over the small stuff.

Anthony Melchiorri started his hospitality career working as at the Embassy Suites in Overland Park, Kansas, and worked his way up to becoming one of the most successful general managers in New York City. During the process, he discovered the five steps that allowed him to show up for himself and for the hotels and owners in which he served. Then, in 2012, he
landed a deal with the Travel Channel that saw him host nine seasons of Hotel Impossible. He used these five steps to help other hoteliers turn around their establishments.


Melchiorri’s sometimes humorous, sometimes serious stories highlight how these five steps can work for people from all walks of life, whether those people are future hospitality experts or digital nomads. The stories are packed with takeaways and insights and give a glimpse into the unwavering mindset of the man behind the suit and tie.

Show Up: The 5 Steps To Getting Out Of Your Own Way lays out the path that you can walk to create a professional life that reflects who you are and what you value.

What industry experts are saying:

“Through the artful weaving of relatable stories and practical advice, Show Up leaves readers feeling both enlightened and empowered. As a former hotel executive, Anthony possesses remarkable empathy for others that shines through every page, making this an absolute must-read for anyone seeking to take charge of their life and live it to the fullest.” – Robert H. Rippee, Ph.D., Executive Director of UNLV Black Fire Innovation Hub and UNLV Incubator

“A very engaging read from one of the industry’s most notable figures. Anthony brings years of experience to his new book that weaves both personal moments and important lessons pertinent to hospitality professionals, new or advanced in their careers. He leaves you with a greater understanding of what it takes to be successful not only in the industry, but also in life.” – Shannon McCallum, Vice President of Hotel Operations, Resorts World

“An excellent dose of reality that captures the grit, discipline, and strategy required to succeed in hospitality. Show up for yourself every day equals DONE.” – Brian Gullbrants, COO of Wynn Resorts, North America



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