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Hospitality From Within


Hospitality from Within dives into the foundation of what it takes to deliver thoughtful and genuine service. Created by hospitality expert Sarah Dandashy, this book explores the nuances of service, what it means to form real connections with guests and colleagues, and provides the emotional framework to effectively build these relationships.



This book will educate and encourage readers to have a more in-depth approach to the way we serve and work with others. What you’ll learn:

  • The history of hospitality and why it is so innate to human nature
  • The seven pillars of hospitality
  • Applicable lessons and tips on working with guests
  • Lessons and quotes from some of the industry’s top professionals
  • Stories from concierges around the world
  • And so much more

Hospitality from Within is an essential source for anyone working in a customer-facing role. Be inspired and learn from some of the industry’s top executives, professionals, and concierges from around the world.


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