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Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law


A student-friendly approach to hospitality law.

Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law: A Preventive Approach arms future hospitality industry personnel with the legal knowledge needed to enhance the guest’s experience and avoid lawsuits. With a focus on prevention, the book aims to minimize the number of lawsuits a hospitality establishment experiences.

Now in a NEW 8th edition, Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law: A Preventive Approach:

engages the reader with relevant case studies. Many examples include case questions to further assist student comprehension.
provides a concentrated summary of issues addressed in each chapter through sections titled “Preventive Law Tips for Managers”.
includes updated references to new laws, new cases, technological changes and advancements, and new factual circumstances in the hospitality industry.
features new web site references which offer students expanded exposure to chapter topics.
develops critical thinking skills in managers.
enhances student ability to read and comprehend the material with plain-English explanations and many subtopics.
challenges students with end-of-chapter questions.
Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law: A Preventive Approach is organized into four units:

Legal Fundamentals for the Hospitality Industry – presents the sources and principles of hospitality law, basic court procedures, civil rights issues, and contract law.
Negligence – presents the legal principles relevant to this topic and many cases that help define the scope of obligations and liability.
Relationships with Guests and Other Patrons – explores the special responsibilities that hospitality businesses have to their various constituencies.
Special Topics – addresses food and alcohol liability; legal duties of airlines and car rental companies; employment matters; franchising; copyrights and trademarks; licensing; travel agents; and laws relevant to casinos, theme parks, spas, and hotel condominiums.


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