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Living the Luxe Life: The Secrets of Building a Successful Hotel Empire


For Efrem Harkham, hospitality isn’t just a job – it’s a way of life. And that attitude is evident when you walk into any of Harkham’s one-hundred-plus luxury hotels. In a true, rags-to-riches American success story, Harkham built a renowned international hotel brand that is synonymous with comfort and refinement.

Part memoir, part business-success book, Living the Luxe Life is the story of Harkham’s success, detailing the secrets behind his accomplishments. Taking a philosophical approach to business, Harkham describes his commitment towards maintaining excellence in all aspects of his life, succeeding in a constantly evolving marketplace, and mentoring employees. He firmly believes that this method is the best way to provide his customers with a superior product. Additional chapters expand on Harkham’s business model, touching on his belief in the importance of philanthropy, education, and patience in building a strong and successful business.

Profound and insightful, Living the Luxe Life is a must have for any reader who aspires to one day succeed in the business world.


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