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Hotels and Resorts An investors guide


Hotels and Resorts: An investor’s guide presents a comprehensive analysis of how hotels, golf courses, spas serviced apartments, gyms and health clubs and resorts are developed, operate and are valued. Drawing on over 18 years’ experience in the leisure property industry, David Harper provides invaluable advice on how to buy, develop and sell such properties. Working through the required due diligence process for purchases, including how to identify a “good buy”, through the “route map” for a successful development and ending with how to ensure you maximise your returns when selling the asset, this book covers the whole life-cycle of leisure property ownership.

Examples of valuations, development issues and sales processes are taken from the USA, UK, France, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Brazil provide in depth analysis on the similarities and differences in approach to hotels and resorts in various parts of the world.

This book provides invaluable guidance to international investors, developers, asset managers and students in related subject areas.


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