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So You REALLY Like Working With People


Doug Kennedy goes beyond offering traditional hospitality concepts such as “telephone skills,” “using customer names,” and “techniques for handling complaints,” all of which have been covered again and again by others. Instead, readers explore the true heart of hospitality, because that’s where it all starts. “So You REALLY Like Working With People?” draws on the many hospitality lessons Doug learned from personally training more than 20,000 managers and frontline staff of hotels, resorts and lodging companies of all types throughout North America and worldwide. Many of the stories shared herein originate from the hospitality superstars he has met in doing so. Doug’s content also comes from his 19 years working as a frontline customer service employee, including eight years in the hotel business and 11 years working his parents’ small business from age 9. By reading his “Five Principles for Hospitality Excellence,” readers will not only learn how to deliver service experiences that foster customer loyalty and “word of click” social media advertising, but they will also learn how to have a lot more fun along the way!


by Douglas Martin Kennedy


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