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Why Owners Fail in Hotel Business


Shaiilesh Fulsunge, a Taj veteran and small time employee who spent 22 years climbing up the ranks, from casual waiter to Vice President of the Hospitality Division in a realty company in Mumbai, to being Head of Projects for a company which developed a five-star deluxe hotel in South Goa, India.
Shaiilesh Fulsunge turned into an entrepreneur by incorporating MELON HOSPITALITY PRIVATE LIMITED (MHPL) in 2011. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of MHPL. Melon Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. (MHPL) is a hospitality company which provides end-to-end solutions to their clients. Melon consists of experts in Total Hotel Project Consultancy and Hotel Operations.
Shaiilesh Fulsunge is not a new face in the hotel industry. He is best known for his journey, which itself speaks volumes. With 30 years of industry experience, he decided to contribute and share his vast knowledge and expertise with society through his books, which he hopes will educate the ones who are most deserving.
Hotel owners, along with other members of the hotel fraternity, can get associated with MHPL and expect solutions for the problems encountered in topics concerning hotel project and operations. MELON wholeheartedly ensures to always find a solution for its clients.
As it is said, having a mentor or a coach helps the person or an organization to go towards the right path because such a person has already travelled the path which you are planning to do.
One has to be accountable to the coach/mentor. In this scenario, MELON will serve as a Consultant (Coach / Mentor) and hand-hold you to help you reach your goal.
Always remember that a paradigm shift happens for an organization or a person if they get the right charioteer to take them to the desired destination.


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