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The Hotel Revenue Bible


Finally, the book that everyone has been waiting for is here when the hotel industry needs it the most. This type of book has never been written before. The one book that covers everything about hotel revenue including sales, revenue management, front desk sales, food and beverage revenue, catering, digital marketing, social media marketing, internet ads, social media ads, and more.
The Hotel Revenue Bible is the cure all for all hotels that are ready to 10x their revenue numbers. This book allows you to increase your revenue with little to no additional expenses. This book will finally allow you to stop cutting expenses and focus on increasing your real problem and that’s revenue. Learn about:

Hotel Sales – stop parking lot shopping and get free leads from the government for pennies.

Revenue Management – set your rates to resonate with a guest’s mental cerebral so they are subconsciously led to book your hotel using rate psychology.

Hotel Digital Marketing – swipe guests from your competition by being first in-line and first in–time with defensive and offensive digital marketing strategies.

Hotel Social Media Marketing – market to the right audience on social media and track your competitions group business via social media.

Hotel Internet Ads – Run Google, Facebook, and internet ads to expand your reach and reduce your ad spend cost with direct targeting and retargeting campaigns.

Hotel Catering – increase catering sales with special closing techniques you never knew existed.

Hotel F&B Revenue – double your hotel’s restaurant traffic with in-house and local touch marketing.

Hotel Front Desk – make selling upgrades as easy as 1-2-3 and triple your other “other income” without increasing cost.
This is the first book that will allow you to understand each department, and how they can work together as one cohesive unit to drive revenue to the topline at a faster pace.

The greatest Hotel book that ever existed will be available on March 1st, 2024, Bruce Jordan the Michael Jordan of Hotels has assembled the greatest hotel team that’s ever played the game. The starting lineup of this all-star team includes Calvin Tilokee, Craig Carbonniere Jr, Deborah Gardner, Doug Kennedy, and Halee Whiting. With this dream team, I guarantee that your revenues will increase by $20,000.00 or I will come to work for you personally. Get 30% off with promo code GET30 Order your exclusive signed discounted copy today while supplies last.


Bruce Jordan the Michael Jordan of Hotels- Author

Contributing Authors

Craig Carbonniere Jr

Deborah Gardner

Doug Kennedy

Halee Whiting

Calvin Tikokee

Additional information

Book Types

Paperback, Hardcover, Signed By Author


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