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The Business of Hotels 9 Strategies to build the ultimate hospitality team


This book is for hospitality , Hotel & Restaurant leaders, executives & general managers who know that the pathway to success and profit in their business is through their teams but don’t know how to get the performance they need. Especially in times of crisis. This new book will reveal how to empower your supervisor and managers, and build an ultimate team that will grow your business to its full potential.
1 – All strategies are simple to implement
2 – Are designed to be rolling within 90 days
3 – With minimal or no additional cost

Shift your team, grow your profitability

This book is divided into three main parts:
BUILD your team
Start with these three steps: a one-page plan including a 3–5-year vision, 12-month goals, and a 90-day plan.
Review who is on your team, who to train, coach and develop or incent and, more importantly, who should be removed.
Efficiently select the best people to join your team
through three interview processes.

GROW your team – you will be taught:
Three ways to grow your team through simple and clear communication.
How to coach, strategize and support your direct reports.
Four ways to make decisions and delegate.

IMPROVE your team – you will learn:
Five ways to get feedback from your team and how to use this gift.
How to get aligned with your direct reports in terms of coaching, support, and direction.
What activities you should do based on the skills and enjoyment you have in doing them.

You will find some useful and simple tools to implement ways to make your team strong and supportive of each other.
When you want to improve the quality of your product and service, it’s easier with an empower & happier team – a team that will be sure to give guests the best experience, so they stay loyal to the hotel brand.


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