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The Hospitality Mentality: Create Raving Fans Through Your Guest Experience


When every member of staff embraces why guests visit and considers the alternative options they had, you unlock a powerful mindset: The Hospitality Mentality.

Guest experience expert Josh Liebman’s The Hospitality Mentality is a framework that leverages a company’s greatest asset—its people—and enables all staff members, especially those on the front line, with tools to enhance the guest experience in powerful ways, creating a strong desire to return and share their experience with others.

Business leaders will gain inspiration to take their service standard to the next level, knowing that this is an area that cannot plateau.  Readers will be motivated to go above and beyond guests’ expectations through creating hyper-personalized experiences, amplifying enthusiasm, anticipating needs, and crafting superior “wow” moments that solidify memories that take satisfaction to the next level. By maximizing the benefit of guest feedback and directly addressing complaints, service providers can strengthen their relationship with their guests, ultimately leading to business/brand loyalty.

The impact of The Hospitality Mentality is more than a warm, fuzzy feeling—it will drive a business forward.


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