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Online Marketing for Hotels


As online distribution of their rooms continues to advance, hotels face increasing pressure on margins because of the power of dominant market makers: Online Travel Agencies. A real solution to this problem exists in online direct distribution, but realizing substantial gains from it requires profound knowledge of online strategies and an understanding of interlinkages between different online marketing mechanisms.By drawing on professional experience and illustrating the logical, economic and technical context of online marketing for hotels, Jan Sammeck gives the reader an easy to apply guide for setting up a successful direct distribution practice. In reading this book, the inclined hotelier will learn about a comprehensive toolset for creating a sustainable and economically viable online marketing strategy. Whether large hotel group or single hotel, five star resort or budget hotel, the concepts presented in this book are universally applicable to any type of hotel.If you are interested in growing direct booking share without wasting money on ineffective marketing measures, this book is for you.


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