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This is Revenue Management How the Best Revenue Managers Create Massive Value


Learn the timeless principles behind successful hotel revenue management and how to effectively apply these principles to your hotel. These are proven techniques used by the best revenue managers to create massive value for their hotels. The revenue management and distribution scenes evolve at a rapid pace and the goal of this book is to make sure the lessons contained within will be just as relevant in 10 years as in 2019 when it was written.You will learn about revenue management basics, forecasting, booking windows, pace, value pricing, direct bookings, pricing, displacements analysis, group pricing, hotel management and much more. Your role as a revenue manager is to be a hungry, data-driven general who combines your own experience with data. Once you have some experience to lean back on, this is an unbeatable formula for success.This book is written for beginners as well as experienced hospitality professionals & hotel managers. The text provides you with a step-by-step framework to practice successful revenue management and can be used as your playbook to refer back to whenever you may need guidance.


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