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Hotel Housekeeping: Operations and Management


Hotel housekeeping is a sub-discipline of hotel management that focuses on the maintenance of hotels on a daily or long-term basis. The key objective of hotel housekeeping is to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment to the customer. It also focuses on providing a pleasant and comfortable ambiance by using various color schemes, decorations, furnishings, and an efficient staff in the hotel. Housekeeping techniques find extensive application across various sectors such as hospitals, hostels, universities, libraries, offices, museums, and residential houses. Some of the other areas studied under this discipline are budgeting, interior designing, safety, and security. While understanding the long-term perspectives of the topics, the book makes an effort in highlighting their impact as a modern tool for the growth of the discipline. It discusses the operations and management of hotel housekeeping in a multidisciplinary manner. This book will provide comprehensive knowledge to the readers.


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